Top 40 Agriculture Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs 2021

Agriculture is very wide with different aspects that provide unlimited opportunities. Which ever aspect you choose to major in, you’re sure going to make good profit if you play your cards well. This content will show you some agriculture business ideas for entrepreneurs. Choose any to major in.

One thing you show know is that you don’t have to be a farmer to make money from agriculture or other farm related businesses. Get the knowledge needed (you can’t know everything), meet those who are succeeding in the field you’re going into and you’re good to go.

The demand for agric products will always be on the increase because people will always eat, so you have nothing to worry about. This article will show you 40 of them, so you can always choose anyone that suits you and put your money in it. Funny thing is some of them require little or almost no amount of money to start.

Top 40 Agriculture Business Ideas

1. Poultry farming

Poultry farming is broad with different sections also. So you can choose to raise broilers for meat production and sell to the market or raise layers for egg production or even have your own hatchery where all you do is hatch day old chicks and sell to poultry farmers.

You can decide not to raise chickens, turkey farming is also there and you’ll make good money.

Buy your day old chicks or week old chick, I prefer the week old because they’ll adapt more to a new environment. And make sure you’re getting from a reliable source, a well known poultry farm, this will help to reduce mortality rate. You can learn how to start a poultry farm here.

When it comes to poultry farming, most people are scared because they feel they’ll lose their birds. Give them enough food and administer medications at the right time, and you’re good to go. Toping the Agriculture business ideas for entrepreneurs list.

2. Fresh vegetable farming

Do you have a land that is wasting away? If yes, then a vegetable first will fit in that land. There are different vegetable varieties with different species. Choose the most hard to get and propagate (plant). I’ll recommend pumpkin. At the end of 3-4 months you’ll be smiling at what your return is.

But if you don’t have a land of your own, you can simply rent one, you’ll get them at very cheap prices at villages. See how to start a vegetable farm in Nigeria

3. Cassava farming

We use cassava for a whole lot of things. Our garri, akpu, cassava flakes, flour are all from cassava. So having a cassava farm and selling to companies that process them looks not bad. This is another good one of the agriculture business ideas for entrepreneurs.

4. Catfish farming

This is one agricultural business that is still making many rich. Catfishes have low mortality rate. Get your pond, get fingerlings for about 50 naira per one and sell for about 1500 at maturity. Let’s say you purchase 100 fingerlings for 50naira, that’s 5000 naira… At maturity you sell 1 for 1200naira that’s 120000 naira of you don’t lose a fish.

Hotels need them, restaurants need them, barbecue sellers need them. So you have nothing to worry about.

5. Mushroom business

Some persons actually prefer mushrooms to meats and fishes, cause it contains more nutrient. And you don’t need so much money to start. Your work will be to find your customers that’s make you their mushroom plug. If you have them, you need nothing else.

6. Snail farming

We kinda have few snail farmers in Nigeria that kinda made snails very expensive. You can pick them in the rainy season and just drop them in a confined environment. Preferably your backyard, throw left overs and some fruits to them and harvest to sell whenever you want.

Because lots of persons don’t go into snail farming, snails tend to be very expensive, this is why it’s one of the good agriculture business ideas for entrepreneurs.

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7. Rice farming

97% of Nigerians eat rice at least ones in a week. The demand is very high. This is also a good aspect to put your money. Rice grow well in areas with good rainfall.

8. Maize farming

Just like cassava, maize also can be used for diverse things. Propagate and sell it to the market. A lot of Nigerian women are into the boiling and roasting of corn. And the last time I checked, they buy them from farmers. One of the good agriculture business ideas for entrepreneurs.

9. Plantain or potato chips

Get plantain and potatoes from farmers and process into chips. You can do it the Nigerian style or give it good branding and you’re in money. Lays and Pringles get their money from selling diverse chips.

10. Tomato farming

The best time to plant tomatoes is when it isn’t in season. Like when the demand is high and there’s low supply. All I’m saying is plant during the dry season when the price is up, and you’ll make good money. Another good agriculture business idea for entrepreneurs.

11. Pig farming

There is so much money in pig farming. The sows give birth to lots of piglets. Rear your pigs and sell to states where it is appreciated. Not everyone like a pig meat in their food but that doesn’t change the fact that some persons actually do.

I first took pork suya in Delta state, and it was really good. And research has shown that pork meat aids long life.

12. Yam business

If you don’t have the efforts or funds for a yam farm which is really cheap to start, you can simply be the middle man by buying from farmers and selling to consumers.

13. Pepper farming

Get the best pepper seeds, plant and sell at maturity. If you don’t have a land, you can rent or plant them on big bowls. They aren’t deep rooted and will do just fine.

14. Palm Oil business

Nigerians use palm oil a lot. So you can buy from processing companies and store, then sell later when the price is up. Palm oil can stay years without going bad, so you have nothing to worry about. Though it takes time, it’s also one of the good agriculture business ideas for entrepreneurs.

15. Sugar cane business

Most companies that add sugars to their products don’t like using already made white sugars, instead they go for sugar cane. What if you’re their supplier? One of the lucrative agriculture business ideas.

16. Rabbitry

Rabbit meat is a white meat, very soft and expensive. Get the kits (young rabbits) and rear till maturity. Your market is out there.

17. Banana and plantain plantation

This kinda takes time but it’s worth the time. You can grow banana and plantain and sell the suckers to farmers or wait till harvest stage to sell to the market.

18. Fruit growing

Choose from the different kinds of fruits to grow… Or better still go about buying fruit trees and sell the fruits to the market. Fruits trees are actually cheap. Like a while mango tree is sold for less than 5000 naira…

19. Nursery operation

A nursery is a piece of land or garden separated from the main farm for growing seeds. You first care or plant your seeds in the nursery before transplanting to the field. So you can actually grow rare seeds and sell to farmers in need of them. For a fee

20. Seed supply

You can as well save seeds and sell to farmers.

21. Bee keeping

Honey has lots of health benefits and that has made people change from using white sugar to honey instead. Get your own bee farm and I’ll buy from you.

22. Sell barbecue

Which ever; fish, chicken, you’ll do just fine. Buy your fish or chicken from farms for a fee, spice them up, add your fee and sell.

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23. Land renting

Do you have plots of lands that aren’t in use, rent them out to farmers or others who needs them. And you know that’s not for free.

24. Juice production

Get fresh fruits with a juice extractor, convert to juice and sell. They are very expensive when it’s 100% fruit juice with no additives.

25. Guinea corn farming

Everyone is selling popcorn, cinemas use it for movies. But have you ever wondered where they got the corn from, it’s from the farm. What if you’re their supplier? Just saying.

26. Dairy farming

You can partner with the fulanis and raise cattles. There is so much money in it. And you don’t need to spend much on feed as they can graze and fend for themselves. You can also sell milk to processing companies. Dairy farming should be among top 10 agriculture business ideas.

27. Feed manufacturing

If you have the knowledge of what and what to mix to get a poultry feed ready or a fish feed and the like. Why not go into feed manufacturing and sell to farmers.

I know of a company, what they do is “they supply your farm with feeds and when your animals are sold, you give them a certain percentage of the proceeds. That’s sound really cool.

28. Sell fresh fruits

Sell oranges, mangoes, paw paw.. name it. If you feel selling by the road side is kinda low for you, you can up your game by creating social media pages for what you sell.

29. Herb/horticultural farming

Grow medicinal plants and put a price tag. You can always grow flowers. People put them in their houses these days.

30. Palm oil plantation

Partner with palm oil plantation farmers, provide cash for maintenance, at the end of the day you all share the outcome.

31. Poultry equipment manufacturing

You can make feeders, drinkers with wooden materials and sell to local farmers that can’t afford standard ones.

32. Grass cutter farming

Grass cutters are expensive to buy. So having a farm full of grass cutters is something. I ones went for a political meeting with my dad, the Nigerian leaders were around and the food we ate were served with grass cutters. That’s surely from someone’s farm.

33. Basket and Broom production

Most palm plantation farmers normally have no use for their palm fronds. So can jejely ask them to keep them for use, make your broom, basket etc. And sell.

34. Buy charcoal and resell

Buy from the rural areas and sell in big cities like Lagos, Abuja. A bag of charcoal is about 450-500 naira in rural communities, you can then resell for 1500 and live happily ever after.

35. Sunflower farming

Sunflower is raised for its oilseeds, and it requires no money to start. Sunflowers are everywhere, simply transplant and it becomes yours. It takes about 80-115 days to reach maturity and requires good amount of rainfall to grow well. We have good oil producing companies here. You can simply give to them for a fee.

36. Watermelon Farming

Grow watermelons or partner with northern farmers, they just know how to care for it better. Sell to retailers and everyone is happy.

37. Cashew nut distribution

Gather Cashew nuts, roast them and sell. A bottle of cashew nut is about 1000-1500. It’s not very common like groundnuts.

38. Sell Groundnuts

Get the raw ones from the market and fry. Groundnut is everywhere, so you can make yours exceptional by branding.

39. Fruits salad

Collect different fruits and make fruit salad for a fee. You can spice things up by adding some yoghurt which will lead to an increase in price.

40. Start a blog

You can also choose to be digital by giving farmers the necessary informations they need to grow their farm online. This will bring visitors to your website, and if you write quality contents, they’ll definitely come back for more.

You can also place adverts for farmers on your blog for a fee and sell your own farm products too.

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Others agriculture businesses ideas include;

Farm products drop shipping

Farm consultancy

Fertilizers sales

Firewood making

Cucumber farming



These agriculture business ideas for entrepreneurs listed above weren’t arranged in any order. Some are more lucrative than others but whichever you choose to major in, if you put in all you’ve gat, you’ll make it like every other rich farmer.

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