How to make compost manure

How To Make Compost Manure

We can use lots of farm waste, kitchen waste and vegetations in preparing compost manure. What can be used include; grass, yam, cassava and potato peels, maize, rice straws, poultry waste, cow dung, dead leaves, water, etc. Let’s move on to how to make compost manure.

To make compost manure for proper growth and development of your crops, you’ll have to dig a compost pit of about 45cm deep with soil on one side, you’ll want to place some sticks at the four ends of your pit, then you chop the materials you have into smaller pieces so your work will be easy.

You add your first layer and sprinkle water on it, add your second layer and do same by sprinkling water also, place your third layer, this may include your animal or poultry or cow dung, your kitchen waste, then you sprinkle ash since it contains some essential minerals and also add little water.

Then your last layer should be with a thick loamy soil. Remember to sprinkle water on every layer before introducing another layer.

Cover the top soil of your compost pit with plantain or banana leaves. This will help to conserve moisture.

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Your compost will start to decompose after three days from piling. To check for decomposition, drive a stick down at an angle, and remove. The stick should be warm and moist but not wet.

You’ll need to sprinkle water on your pit if there is no rainfall. Like every 3 days.

After 3 weeks, mix what you have in your compost pit and your compost is ready for use. You can choose to use the same pit for another compost or dig a new pit if you want to.

During my practical days in school I made my compost from just 2 materials, Dry leaves and cow dung. So you don’t necessarily need to have all the materials mentioned above to make a pit. But if you want very good result, you have to use a variety of materials.

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