Onajite Oriaifo

Onajite Oriaifo

Annual Crops

annual crops

In agriculture, annual crops are crops that complete their life cycle within a growing season or within a year. This means that from planting till harvesting takes one single year. They sprout, grow, bear fruits and die off within a…

Breeds Of Cattle

breeds of cattle

Cattle, farm animals that are domesticated and raised for their meat, milk and hides and some others for draft purpose. There are over 1000 breeds of cattle recognized world wide, some of which adapted to the local climate, others which…

How To Control Weed In Lawns

how to control weed in lawns

Weeds tend to grow where they’re not really wanted, you really can’t take them out of the picture. They grow in farms, gardens, lawns, in natural football pitches and sometimes on top of our houses. Weed if not controlled properly…

Commercial Farming

commercial farming

What is commercial farming? Commercial farming or agriculture is the production of crops and livestock, with the use of modern technology. It is a type of agribusiness where farmers raise crops and livestock to make money by selling them in the market.…