Onajite Oriaifo

Onajite Oriaifo

30 Fun Apple Facts You Should Know

Apple is one of the widely grown fruits in Northern America and most parts of Europe and Asia. The fruit isn’t propagated in Most African countries because it requires cold conditions for optimal growth. We’ve all taken a bite of…

Health Benefits Of Eating Mango Fruit

Health Benefits Of Eating Mango

The Mango (Magnifera indica) is a fruit from the drupe family, meaning that it’s got a single large stone-like seed in the middle. With over 400 varieties with different taste, Mango is among the most widely consumed fruits so it is regarded…

Farmers Daily Schedule

farmers daily schedule

Daily farm routines are always the major work in any farm. I can remember when I was in the animal section in the school farm, I kinda never wanted to be in the farm early because of the work load.…