Farm animals are animals that live in the farm. This is not 100% correct as we have some of them in the wild also. All domestic animals are farm animals  but not all farm animals are domestic animals. So we’ll give you the list of farm animals you should know and one fun fact of each of them. Basically the list of all the farm animals there is. To make it more understandable we’ll group them into their categories.

List of farm animals (Mammals)

  • Goat: Goats can be taught their names and to come when called.
  • Sheep: They have one of the best sense of smell.
  • Cattle: At maturity, they have 32 teeth like humans.
  • Water buffalo : Can be fast and furious.
  • Pig: Are the smartest farm animals.
  • Horse: Can sleep while standing up and lying down.
  • Camel: With tick pads of skin on their chest and knees, camels can comfortably sit in very hot sand.
  • Alpaca: Alpacas spit when angry or annoyed.
  • Addax: Both Male and female have long spiral horns.
  • Deer: Deers can jump up to 10ft high and are very good swimmers.
  • Donkey: They can live for over 50 years.
  • Yak: They are able to withstand temperatures of -40°C
  • Llama: Are diabetic – sort of.
  • Guinea pig: They are not related to pigs at all and they don’t come from Guinea.
  • Mule: Are the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.
  • Musk ox: female musk oxen reach maturity at about 2 years old whereas males don’t reach maturity until they are 5 years old. They keep the ladies waiting.
  • Rabbit: They eat their poop
  • Eland: They can jump 10ft from a standing start.
  • Bison: They are not cattles, but a male is called a bull, a female called a cow and the young called a calf.
  • Gayal: Their lower limbs are always white or yellowish.
  • Elk: Their horns are called antlers and they attract their females with it. The tree like horn.
  • Greater kudus: They are one of the largest antelope.
  • Moose: They are powerful swimmers.
  • Reindeer: Both the male and female grow antlers.

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Farm animals (Birds)

  • Chicken: There are more chicks on earth than people (25 billion).
  • Goose: They have a lifespan between 10-25 years in the wild.
  • Duck: A male duck is called drake.
  • Emu: They are the second largest bird in the world.
  • Peafowl: Only the males are peacocks and they give off their beautiful feathers after a mating season.
  • Ostrich: They are the largest birds in the world with three stomachs.
  • Quail: Can lay 10-20 eggs at a time.
  • Grey francolin: They fly at 15 days old.
  • Common pheasant: they fly within 2 weeks.
  • Guinea fowl: They prefer walking but can fly long distance like normal birds.
  • Mute swan: When swimming, the mute swan holds its neck in a graceful “s” curve with its bill pointing downward.
  • Pigeon: They mate for life and tend to raise two chicks at the same time.
  • Turkey: Turkeys can also swim.


  • Bee: All worker bees are female and produce a teaspoon of honey (about 3 grams) in her lifetime.
  • Silkworm: Lay up to 300 eggs.
  • Cricket They sing out of love and anger.
  • Cochineal: Used as an artificial dye.
  • Butterfly: They live for just a few week. That’s why you probably don’t see one butterfly twice.
  • Waxworms: They eat plastics.

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Fishes are also among the list of farm animals but most times, they are forgotten.

So you’ll be getting photos of the list of farm animals you’ve probably haven’t seen below.

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List of farm animals


Water buffalo


Farm animals

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Farm animals


List of farm animals


Farm animals


Farm animals



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