Reasons why you should be a farmer

10 Reasons why you should be a farmer

Farming takes care of the world with food and raw materials. Whether you like it or not, everything edible by humans comes from a farm directly or are processed from a farm product, your toiletries are all related to the farm. So with this we can all agree that farming is life. I’ll make you go through some reasons why you should be a farmer. Keep reading…

Apart from just eating, have you ever thought of being the source of a particular food or do you feel farming will take your time (not really), make you dirty (not anymore), do you feel farmers are poor? (definitely not true). Let’s look at some reasons why you should be a farmer.

Be a farmer

1. It’s not boring

A lot of farming activities can make your day. It’s always fun for me when I get water splash from fishes, beaks from birds (chickens), getting to rub my hands through the backs of rabbits, watching my crops grow, being at the farm alone makes me happy.

2. You are in the discovery world

You learn everyday from the farm. With meeting new farm animals, with propagating new crops and caring for them, you’ll definitely be full with new knowledge.

3. You’ll have time for other things

Farming isn’t like the office jobs where you just have to be around, even if you’re doing nothing.

Ones your animals are fed or your crops are watered, you can leave the farm environment and do other activities.

If you’re a big farmer with employees, you can choose not to be at the farm. Give supervision from your home and go on with other things.

4. You get to feed the world

Though it’s not for free, but it’s really nice when a food material or product is coming through you to your country and other countries. You should always think of going large scale by feeding countries.

5. Farmers are rich

Some farmers don’t look like money but are definitely in money. Except for those that just want to feed their families.

I know one thing for sure that every large scale farmer is in money.

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6. Farming has no dress code

You can wear whatever you like to the farm, no one will question you. Though you’ll have to put on your boots, your coat and sometimes gloves. But that doesn’t affect what you wear from home.

7. Different areas to choose from

Not everyone can stand pigs and their smell. Farming is so wide with different areas. So you can choose anyone of them to major on. Have you ever thought of being a berry farmer?. You can also grow greens for vegetarians.

8. Farmers live long

This isn’t for every farmer. It’s for those actually involved in farming activities. The daily work will definitely keep you fit and in shape. This is related to minimal health issues, and you know what that means.

9. You don’t need a CV

Farming is the simplest occupation I know of. Most big farmers didn’t study Agriculture in school, they got the knowledge needed and just started. And that’s what you need to be a farmer. Get the knowledge you need and start.

You can’t know it all. In the process of farming, you’ll keep learning and unlearning.

10. You’re a boss

How else should I say this, you won’t wait on some monthly salaries, you can choose to employ others and just live life. This is the life everyone dreams of.

So this is it with the reasons why you should be a farmer. I hope I have been able to convince you to become a farmer. You should know one thing that that current farmers we have now are not enough. The world needs you.

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