Farmers Daily Schedule

Daily farm routines are always the major work in any farm. I can remember when I was in the animal section in the school farm, I kinda never wanted to be in the farm early because of the work load. But I guess my school was smart to take attendance before the daily/morning routine. So we’ll sneak at how  farmers daily schedule look like

When farmers get to the farm, I’ll use the animal farm as an example.

Farmers daily schedule

  • Walk around (outside) the farm house.
  • Walk around (inside) the farm house.
  • Check farm animals and their behaviours.
  • Isolate unhealthy animals from healthy ones if need be.
  • Clean in and out of the animal house by sweeping and weeding.
  • Wash water and feed materials.
  • Introduce feed and water.
  • Vaccinate as at when due.

The first thing we do is to walk around our farm house for any difference from the way we left it. By so doing, we are looking out for traces of predators, animal escape and so on.

Then we go into the animal house and inspect our animals to check for good health conditions. Any animal that is weak and showing signs of sickness, we isolate so proper care can be given.

After that, we clean the animal house by sweeping, we change their water for drinking before we introduce the feed for that morning.

Vaccination is also very necessary. Not just vaccination but timely vaccination. Every farmer should have a time for general vaccination of livestock, when it’s that time, it should be given not too early or late but just in time.

Note: The farmers daily schedule differ based on the livestock being reared. A farmer in a piggery unit will do almost the same work as a farmer with goats, but not completely the same work.

Importance of daily farm routines

  • It helps with proper record keeping.
  • It helps with better productivity.
  • Mortality rate is reduced as unhealthy animals will always get isolated from healthy ones.
  • Farmers daily schedule help farmers get acquainted with the farm environment and farm animals.
  • Predators are prevented as loopholes will be spotted early.

And sometimes we find predators like snakes, rats, ants, etc in the animal house. So if you’re not there to check, you might end up losing some of your animals to these predators.

So these are basically what every animal farmer do every morning when they first get to the farm. For the crop farmers, it is basically watering of crops  and sometimes weeding. That’s it.

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