Difference Between Alpaca and Llama

Alpaca and Llama to me were the same animals, maybe one male and the other female, I never knew and I believe most of you don’t too. Did some findings and research and got to know their difference. So we’ll be looking at the difference between alpaca and llama.

Alpacas and llamas belong to the same family (camelidae). Though they belong to the same family, these animals are quite different in many respects or ways. Let’s get to it, you’ll never mix them up again.

Difference between alpaca and llama

  • Ears
  • Wool
  • Face
  • Size
  • Purpose
  • Personality
  • Strength
  • Character


Ears of alpaca and llama

The ears of alpacas are straight and pointed while that of the llamas are shaped like bananas. So never mix them up. You can clearly see the difference from the photo.


Difference between alpaca and llama
Wool difference

Llamas have no wool, they just have hairs that serve as protection and covering. On the other hand alpacas are bred purely for their luxurious wool, which is one of the finest in the world with different beautiful colours.

The llama’s hair or fleece is coarse to feel while that of alpacas are soft and silky to feel.


Face of alpaca and llama
Facial features

The face of an alpaca has more fuzz and wool than that of llama which doesn’t have much hair. Apart from the hair features, we can clearly see that llama’s got long face while and alpaca’s face is a bit more blunt, giving them a funny and unique expression.

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Body difference between alpaca and llama
Body features

Llamas are bigger in size than alpacas. A mature llama can weigh from 250 to 450 pounds and grow as tall as 6feet (taller than some of us). Alpacas on the other hand have a mature weight of around 100 to 180 pounds and grow as tall as 5feet


Farm animals

Llamas have been nicknamed the “ship of the Andes”. Their back are very suitable to carry heavy weights for long distances.

Alpacas on the other hand are all wool and you dare not put nothing on them, they’re too fragile for that. They literally can carry nothing, not even a baby.


Gentle alpaca

Alpacas are very gentle and shy while Llamas are very confident and brave animals.



Alpacas can’t protect themselves, and need protection. Llamas are brave and can protect and will protect themselves. Often times alpacas and llamas are put together to live, so that the latter can protect the former. This is lovely.


Alpacas are very intelligent and can learn tricks. The llamas kinda seem too proud or maybe confident and arrogant for learning tricks.


More difference between alpaca and llama

  • Alpacas are more beautiful than llamas
  • Alpacas can be used as pet animals

    Alpaca as pet

Okay this last one is from me.. I feel alpacas are more happy than llamas… add yours at the comment section..

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