Tangerines(Citrus reticulata) are a type of mandarin, the second-largest cultivated citrus fruit after oranges. Like oranges, tangerines are orange in color, although some varieties may have shades of green or red. However, they’re a bit smaller and less round and are easier to peel by hand. It is an agricultural product that also have a sweeter taste. We’ll take a look at some tangerine by products and different ways this fruit can be explored.

Like all citrus fruits, tangerines have an abundance of vitamin C. They also have a moderate amount of vitamin A, with 100 grams of tangerine providing you with approximately 14% of your daily recommended vitamin A intake.

There are also reported health benefits to eating tangerine peels. The peel contains a super-flavonoid, or antioxidant, called tangeretin. Super-flavonoids have shown promise in studies as an effective way to lower cholesterol

Some Tangerine by products

Tangerine Sacs

tangerine by products

Tangerine orange sacs is a fruit product mainly used in juice, ice creams, carbonated soft drinks and pastries. The best Tangerine sac must be sourced from fresh and high-quality tangerine oranges. The production process requires high-quality raw materials and modern machines in a clean facility.

The process of producing the sacs start with fresh tangerines that undergo the acid-alkali process, cystic separation, filling and then sterilizing. The raw material used is the fresh tangerines and then undergoes the elaborating process with other ingredients such as water, sugar and citric acid.

Tangerine Pulp

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Tangerine pulp cells come from different Spanish varieties of Citrus reticulata and other sub-species depending on the season stage. This pulp can be applied in fruit beverages, food industrial applications, dairy products, bakery, ice creams, soft drinks/drinks, ready meals, jams and syrups. However, they are normally used to give body to juices which contain mandarin, certain blends and ice creams.

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The frozen citrus cells are 100% natural products obtained by separating the mandarin pulp of the freshly squeezed juice of naturally matured mandarin, from the cells.

Tangerine Juice

Tangerine Juice | Fresh fruit recipes, Tangerine juice, Fresh fruit
Fresh matured tangerine fruits are harvested from the farm and they’re processed into sweet fruit juice. they’re processed and pasteurized by flash heating immediately after squeezing the fruit, without removing the water content from the juice.

Tangerine Oil

tangerine by products

The tangerine oil is made from different Spanish varieties of citrus reticulata, using only fresh and mature fruits.

For its extraction, cold pressing method is used, by using a mechanical process without thermal treatments. Basically, it consists of scraping the surface of the fruit and then, by centrifugation, the water phase is separated from the oil phase. Finally, the oil is decanted and filtered.

Tangerine Peel

How to Make Dried Tangerine Peel - The Woks of Life

Most persons throw this part of the fruit away, to them it is useless. Tangerine peels can be ground and used in making a very beneficial face mask. The vitamin C and antibacterial properties in the tangerine peel help to kill bacteria and fight the reoccurrence of acne.

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