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Learn the latest in trends and practices on sustainable poultry farming during our upcoming Poultry World webinar on sustainability. Register for free and watch on Thursday 11 November at 15.00 hours (CET).

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There is no way around it, poultry production needs to be as sustainable as possible. That is why Poultry World has organised a webinar on Sustainable Poultry Production, which will take place on Thursday 11 November.

Sustainable Poultry Farming

In this webinar we will shed light on the different aspects of sustainability, and there are many. Managing environmental pressure is one, but there is also the aspect of animal welfare and economic future-proof farming. Our speakers will focus on sustainability through nutrition, health and management and we will show, by example, the most sustainable layer farm in the world. Tune in and learn all about this hot topic.

Expert speakers

  • Grete Brunsgaard, head of product development, application, and quality assurance at R2 Agro will discuss natural performance enhancers in broiler production.
  • Lukas Bauer, manager technical consultancy at Evonik, will talk about the impact of guanidinoacetic acid supplementation on the profitability and sustainability of broiler production.
  • Ruud Zanders, founding partner at Kipster, will discuss revolutionary farming producing higher welfare eggs and meat.

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