Reasons why your farm needs a website

5 Reasons Why Your Farm Needs A Website

Having a great day I guess. As farmers, most of us don’t really care about taking our farms to the next level. It is very true that a majority of the black farmers are ignorant of the digital world, they just want to make money from sales of farm produce and feed their families. Not really their fault. Turning the steering wheel towards young educated farmers who are going into farming full time, I’ll be giving you some reasons why your farm needs a website. Continue reading……

Agriculture is growing or has already grown from the days of our hoes and cutlasses to a mechanised day where machines are now performing the work of man.

Agricultural scientists are growing crops without having them come in contact with the soil, they just fix in all the necessary nutrients needed for plant growth and before you know what’s going on, they’ve harvested their produce.

Let’s not dwell on this, let’s see the reasons why your farm needs a website.

1. Social media pages aren’t enough

You may already have a Facebook page or an Instagram page for your farm. But I think some persons will really want to get detailed informations about your farm and when it comes to deep informations, social media pages don’t really have room for that. With a website, the whole world can easily get to know more about what you do.

2. Sales

Every farmers aim is to make profit and for profit to be made, some produce have to be sold either fresh or processed. You’ll definitely need to market what you have, and with a website, I assure you that 60% of your marketing issues are gone. Because with a website, you’ll have more customers and more customers will definitely lead to more sales and everyone is happy.

3. As an advertising medium

You can choose to use your website to advertise for similar businesses and you know that won’t be free. People will pay you just to have their banner on your website. Don’t think of the cost of opening a website as you can literally get websites for free these days. But if you want something really good, you’ll have to pay some dollars.

Another way your website can be used as an advertising medium is through Google AdSense. Google will pay you for using your website to advertise for other brands. All you have to do is apply and ones approved, you’ll start getting paid monthly for life.

4. To be ahead of your competitors

Unless your aspect of farming is unique, you’ll always have competitors. Everybody is fighting to be at the top. So with a website, you can easily be found on Google when searches are made concerning your area of specialty.

5. Professionalism

Customers do see businesses without a website as unprofessional, immature, and may not want to have anything to do with your farm. With a website you’ll have

  • An about page
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contact page

With all these, the people’s trust level for your farm will increase.

So these are the reasons why your farm should have a website. Feel free to make additions and corrections at the comment section

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