How to prevent scars from burns

How To Prevent Scars From Burns

You’re in the kitchen probably doing some fries or getting your oil ready for stew or boiling water and all of a sudden water enters your hot oil or there’s a pop from what you’re frying. And you eventually get hot oil or water on your skin. The first thing most persons do is rub the affected area, which is very wrong. That’s why I’ll be taking you through how to prevent scars from burns.

There are gloves to be worn while doing your fries. If you don’t have them, you should be very careful while dealing with hot oil.

Let’s say you eventually get a splash or drop of hot oil on your skin, do not rub with your hands. What that area needs at that moment isn’t heat but something cold. When you rub with your hands, and anything, you’re causing heat, and you may end up peeling your skin off, which will cause pain and a high chance of you getting a scar.

The first thing to do when you get hot oil on your skin is to place the affected part in water (cool or cold water) or if you have ice, it’ll be better. But I don’t think you’ll have enough time to grab ice. So water is the deal.

Gently use your hand to go through the affected area under running water. Do not scrub. This will help your skin to cool, but you’ll still feel the pain.

After cooling with water, you then apply a little bit of salt because salt conserves moisture. So it’ll help prevent the usual bubble-like substance that normally form when you get hot oil on your skin. Salt is the best at this moment because you’re in the kitchen.

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Then after few minutes, you can remove the salt and wipe the area clean… It will take sometime before the pain finally goes. But I assure you that your skin will remain the way it has ever been. So this is it on how to prevent scars from burns.

This is something I’ve tried and it worked well for me. Mind you, what you’ve been reading is for drops of hot oil or splash on the skin.

If it’s a situation where you have a pour, the above mentioned might not really work. You can still cool with water, but take yourself to the nearest hospital or clinic and get treated. And luckily for you you might still get your skin back if well treated.


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