How to get cheap lands

How to get cheap lands in Nigeria

The population of the world keeps increasing day by day, and the demand for land will definitely increase. So if you have cash and you really don’t know what to invest in, start buying lands. It is a great asset, and i will be giving you some tips on how to get cheap lands especially in rural communities or areas.

Everyone needs a land; farmers needs it for their farms, firms needs it for buildings, you need it for your house, a distribution site, one thing or another. And there are already developed places where this factor of production is highly demanded thus making the price very high.

You can’t compare the price of a 100×100 land in Ikoyi, Lagos to that in Okada, Edo. Totally different. I’m not here for compare and contrast, just by the way. So let’s look at how you can get lands at very cheap prices….like i said before especially in rural areas.

Pray before leaving your house

Whether you like it or not, prayer settles a lot of things. So when you pray before going out, I bet your search would go smooth.

You wouldn’t find it hard to get the type of land you’re looking for. This has worked for me in different ways, that’s why I’m dropping it as the first thing to do.

Take a gift with you

As a man’s gift maketh way for him, so also will that little wine of yours, that clothing material, that school bag for their child will help beat things down.

Come to the level of your seller

In terms of language, dressing and the  likes.You don’t wanna act or look like a foreigner towards someone that may not really understand English language. So if you’re from that area, and you know how to speak their language, fine…communicate with them in the language they understand best. For some, it’s the Nigerian Pigdin.

Your dressing also should be simple. Don’t appear too rich.

With these tips above, you’ll surely get your land for a lower amount.


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