How to become a millionaire through farming

How To Become A Millionaire Through Farming

Are you a farmer or someone who wants to go into farming someday and you’ve wondered what it actually takes to make millions out of farming? I thought of this too and I got something which I’m so glad to share with you on how to become a millionaire through farming. Continue with the read…

We have lots of farmers in the world today, some who produce on a subsistence scale and others on commercial scales. I’ll explain the two for you.

Subsistence farmers are those who propagate or rear animals for family use only and maybe sell the remains to the market. These farmers don’t really care about or better still they don’t have the means to farm for a very large amount of persons, so they just feed their families and their okay.

The commercial farmers are the ones that take it upon themselves to feed a very large number of persons. This farming system involves the use of machines for almost all the farming operations.

So the secrete of become a millionaire farmer is to go commercial. Try to add value to the nutrition of your country or state and see what will happen to you in few years. (How to become a millionaire through farming).


I know the question that is running through you right now is “how will I start”? I literally have little or no cash with me to go commercial. If this is your case, you’ll have to go through the process of saving, investing with agric-tech companies, starting small and then expanding.

But if you have enough cash, you’re good to go. Agriculture is so wide with different areas, and whatever area you choose to major in, you’ll still get your millions of you go commercial.

Let’s say you wanna be a tomato farmer. This is a very good area to major in because the whole world needs tomatoes. The average Nigerian takes tomato or tomato related products in their food almost everyday in a week.

So you’ll definitely need a land, you can see the things to do to get cheap lands here.

When your land is ready, you get your tomato seeds from a reliable source, plant first in the nursery before transferring to the field.

For any area you’re majoring in, it is advised to always start small to see how the market is before pouring all you’ve gat in it.

Looking out for the pest affecting your tomato plant is very key so you’ll always know the best chemical (pesticide) to use for your farm.

Then again tomatoes are easily perishable, so it’s on you to have the best storage facilities for you product in order to keep the market value high.

After your first or second season with experimenting, you can now take it upon yourself to expand by increasing your land space, getting new lands and before you know what’s going on your tomatoes is going a long way with feeding a large number of persons.

You should never get scared or troubled with how to make sales. Food is something that will always move because there is a high demand for it. And when you have a brand name, it will be very easy to make sales, your products would be trustworthy.

I hope this just help with how to become a millionaire through farming. Share with friends and drop your thoughts on the comment section.


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