75yr old Japanese farmer promotes circular agriculture in China village

A 75-year-old Japanese farmer has been hailed by local farmers and netizens for devoting himself to the farmland in Central China’s Henan Province for nearly seven years to promote circular agriculture in the country.

According to Pear Video on Friday, Kawasaki Hirohito began his farm work in the village of Xiaoliugu in Henan in 2014. Embracing the idea of circular agriculture, Hirohito wanted to promote healthier and safer primary products, as well as a more organic way of farming among Chinese people.

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He chose to cultivate his ideas in a village next to the Yellow River in China’s largest agricultural province. “There is still a long way for Chinese farmers to go,” said Hirohito, “but I have villagers by my side and I’m going to work here till the day I die.”

Circular agriculture, also known as closed-loop agriculture, is basically achieved by using natural fertilizers such as treated animal manure instead of chemicals, to achieve organic cultivation, restore soil fertility, and protect the environment.

Hirohito said that it was still a challenge to communicate in Chinese even though he had been learning the language since coming to the farm in 2014.  However, he still gives lectures so that people can learn about the concept of circular agriculture, and wants to open his own school as the next step of his efforts.

Source: Global times

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