Foods to avoid before going to bed

11 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

Sleep is precious and needed by everyone, everyday. So the last thing you want to do is making your before bed consumption decision working against you. If you want an awesome night rest, here are some foods to avoid before going to bed.

1. Ice cream

Ice cream with good flavours bring joy to the soul (if you get what I mean), but there’s a limit to its soothing properties. Then again, ice cream is loaded with fat, so taking it before you sleep won’t give your body the chance to burn any fat, so the sugar just accumulate and results in additional fat. This isn’t cool right.

And discoveries have shown that eating high sugar foods before bed can cause nightmares. So it’s just like enjoying to suffer later.

2. Tomato

A fruit which is super acidic. Taking tomatoes or tomato-based products can disturb your sleep. It’s acidic contents can lead to heartburn. Know this and stay away from tomatoes when it’s bed time.

3. Pizza

Pizza always works your stomach out. It isn’t a light meal. Your tummy will have to get busy. It’s tomato layer with high acidic content can cause issues. Pizza’s also got fatty and greasy toppings in likes of meats and cheese and they do a good job in stirring up heartburn.

You can actually take your pizza if you can’t do away with the cravings, just reduce the nutritional toppings. And we all don’t normally stop at one slice.

4. Wine or alcohol

A milky glass of Baileys might be doing the opposite of how it taste and feels. Drinking wine (alcohol) makes us fall asleep faster, but actually prevents us from fully getting the REM ( Rapid Eye Movement) circle our body needs, which is the house of restful sleep and dreaming.

Alcohol can lead to snoring since it helps relax our muscles. You can always replace those high volumes with little or no volume of wine with moderation to sleep better.

5. Cereal

I know you love cold cereals before sleeping. But you might want to take caution on the type you choose and the quantity you consume before bed. Cereals often have high sugar content and are mostly carbohydrates. This will give a spike to your blood sugar level when taken immediately before bed.

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To quench your cravings, go for healthier and low sugar cereals (while grains), and always try to reduce the quantity. The more you consume, the more your chances are of getting busted.

6.Dark chocolate

We don’t normally take chocolate as a meal, we often take them when we feel like throwing something into our system. Dark chocolates contain caffeine like in coffee, which can prevent your body from shutting down and decrease your chances of entering deeper sleep stages. As one of the foods to avoid before going to bed, if you really can’t do without them, try satisfying your cravings earlier or better still reduce your portions.

7. Red meat

I really don’t have a problem with eating red meats, just that it is loaded with proteins and fats and you know meats takes longer time to digest than other foods. Thereby making your digestive system busy through the night. Do not avoid red meats, they’ve got some high levels of iron and tryptophan which helps sleep. Just don’t eat em’ while you’re about sleeping.

8. Garlic

You would definitely want to avoid garlic before bed I you’re with a partner firstly because of bad breath and garlic is known as a “hot herb”. It is known to have the side effect of stomach upset. You’ve got a weak stomach? avoid garlic before sleeping.

Personally I don’t take garlic, I know it’s got some nutritional benefits, but I just can’t stand the smell. So also remember to avoid me when you take garlic.

9. Water

Yes water! You should drink plenty of water during the day to stay hydrated, as slight dehydration can reduce or drain tour energy levels. For those of us that don’t have control over our bladders and always dream about being in the restroom urinating, we should avoid drinking much water before sleeping else you know what will happen.

10. Peppermint

Sometimes we get them for free from grocery stores and banks and they’ve got lots of health benefits too but sleeping well isn’t one of them. Most of us do take them after eating to freshen our breath, but do you know it can trigger heartburn? You can always use lighter ones to freshen your breath with a little water.

11. Too much food

Don’t starve and don’t eat too much before bed. When you consume a large meal before bed, your digestive system will have a workload to finish and that will ruin your night. One often times our digestive system don’t get to finish it’s work leaving us with swollen heavy stomachs and horrible breath. You don’t like that right?

So these are the foods to avoid before going to bed. The main thing is to do every eating with mod

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